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We Sell Product line of Exhaust Systems for Automobile and Motorcycle from Headers, Downpipe, Resonator and Muffler. We started our Motorsport experienced under ORD Engineering  that known to build and design many Record Breaker and National Champion Drag Racing Car  and Motorcycle Started from 2000 until 2013Every our Racing Cars was using our own ORD Exhaust parts. We’ve worked in the past with many National Racing Team such as JT-Sports, AP-Speed, Wisesa Motorsport, Polomas, Nemo Speed Surabaya, Supernova Dasa, and many others well known Racing Team. But then after 2013 , now under ORD Exhaust we’re focus our main interest only on Exhaust system that trully calculated based on our Racing Engineering Experienced, we build exhaust parts for dailly application to High End Race only cars and Motorcycle.One thing to add about us and what we do, from 2004 we’re known to sell a custom hand made exhaust system for most Jappanese Car that we named by V1, but in 2013 we starting to the next level by stepping to Machinery Fabrication process with higher and better quality of exhaust items that using unique stainless material and robotic welding. V2 introduced mostly by the use of Unique Stainless steel material for Downpipe, and Muffler. It using Stainless 306 Hairline Finished and constructed in fabrication facilities.With the introduction of V2 Product, it doesnt mean the older  version V1 that 80% Hand maded were discontinued. It still available, because the V1 still had the capability to be made customized in very wide range of custom specs or unique design.
In this catalog we introduced all product that we sale :

V2 Products

Made with Fabrication Fascilites – Could be customized also for a 10-15 work day period (Mostly for our Downpipe and Muffler product that using Stainless Material)

V1 & Custom Products

Hand / Robotic Crafted – Flexible for wide range custom, for special unique design 5-10 work day period
Note :
  • For special need we could do V1 or V2 that could be tailored for certain use
  • We are seller of exhaust parts items, We are not Exhaust AutoWorkshop (bengkel knalpot). Since there is so many Exhaust AutoWorkshop (bengkel knalpot),  then we try to be differ from them by specializing  our detail in performanced exhaust parts.
  • Not all of our items was  bolt on or plug and play, since we try to maximized the exhaust potential for your car, so the exhaust parts dimension lenght, diameter, collector position would be adjusted for maximum performance based on our calculation for your engine needsnot based on plug and play mode, especially on Engine Swap car or highly modified or performance oriented car. Its not an easy bolt on and plug and play autoparts. Sometimes need little bit basic knowledge about automotive modification, so you wouldnt get confuse when installing it.

ORDexhaust Motorsports PORTFOLIO


Race Car Building , Drag Race 1st Debut, Class 3.1 –   (Odie Rachmat – Daihatsu Winner – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , Drag Race National Champ Class 3.1 – (M.Harris Analeg – Civic Nouva – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , Drag Race National Champ Class 3.2 – (M.Harris Analeg – Civic EG – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , Runner Up Drag Race National Champ Class 3.2 – (Edi Budhi – Civic EG – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , Drag Race National Champ Class 3.1 –  (B. Haryanto – Civic Nouva – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , Drag Race National Champ Class 3.1 –  (Odie Rachmat – Civic Nouva – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , SOHC AllMotor 7 Years Record Holder 13,1 sec –  (B. Haryanto – Civic Nouva – ORD JTSports)


Race Car Building , VtecTeam EG 366HP 12.4 sec 2009 National Record- (Yose V Adrian – Civic EG – APSpeed ORD)


Exhaust Development ,EastDragCartel 633WHP EVO IV 10.5 Sec – (Yose V Adrian – Evo IV – Polomas East Drag Cartel)


Engine Building , Wisesa Motorsport EG 375HP 12,4 sec – (Adhi Wisesa – Civic EG – Wisesa Motorsports)


Engine Building , Nemo Speed 2.1 Class Tazmania Dragster –  (Agus Petex – Civic EG – Nemo Speed)


Engine Building , Barney Camspeed Supernova B20vtec 8,0sec @201m –  (Yoga Camspeed – Civic EG – Supernova Camspeed)


Engine Building , EG Hulky K20-K24 Street AllMotor –  (Yoga Camspeed – Civic EG – Supernova Camspeed)


Engine Building , The Hulk Supernova B20vtec 7,8sec @201m. – (Chandra Ananda – Civic EG – Supernova ORD)


Design Advisor , JackDaniels National Record 2.1class 12.8sec – (Aditya Sany – Civic EG – Supernova BMS)


Engine Building , JackDaniels 1st Hood Exit  All Motor class 12.1sec –  (Aditya Sany – Civic EG – Supernova BMS)


Engine Building , Hulky/Frozen Supernova H23Vtec 11,5 sec @402m – (Haviedz PM – Civic EG – Supernova ORD)


BRIO Satya – Touring Car ISSOM – BRIO Speed Challange – (Uki IFWA – 1st National Champion – BRIO Speed Challange 2015) – Best Lap Of The Year.


Design Advisor, Cheetah Nova B20Vtec 12.4, National Fastest EF @402m – (Baim FH – Civic Nouva – Supernova ORD)


Exhaust System Support, WhiteShark Tiegan Delta Fastest JSTC – (Avan Abdullah – Civic EG – Tiegan Delta Garrage)


Exhaust System and Engine Support, Biggest Horsepower Allmotor BRIO – (Haviedz PM – Honda Brio – Supernova ORD)
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Knalpot Racing Ditilang Polisi

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