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Anti Recession Modification - 11% Fuel Efficient - 28% Power Up 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • fuel efficient Millions: ADDED SAVINGS
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Do you want to feel the power of your car getting more POWERFULL? Want your car's sound to be round, solid, classy & very fuel efficient? And feel the exhaust of Racing Cars that have always won racing & national records from 2001? Sultan Selebgram's exhaust and the National Champions of RACING Daily Cars. Power Soars Fuel efficient

Race Proven Exhaust System since 2001

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Congrats Bro!

You start now with the right choice!

We are from ORDexhaust with our exhaust, which is trusted by automotive lovers, especially professional racers. It's our exhaust that has made them win hundreds of records for “Racing Events” in Indonesia and abroad since 2001, aka Race Proven number 1 in Indonesia!

Facts, Real & Reality

Make your car power skyrocket, fuel efficient, your daily car feels like a racing car, and is free to choose the sound according to your taste!

Number 1 in Indonesia

Is number 1 in Indonesia since 2001. Race Team that reigns in the National race is even used in Formula Racing Car Japan.

International Products

Already sold in 5 Continents and dozens of major cities in the world Sydney, Dubai, Moscow, Paris to Miami.


For those of you who don't know the advantages of ORExhaust? Take a look!

Fuel efficient

Using ORDexhaust exhaust, your car can be more powerful Up to 28% and with more efficient fuel, so gasoline costs are very economical.

Race Proven

Proven to make many racers champion up to 257 national records. Starting from City Cars, Family Cars, Luxury Cars? We've got the perfect secret mix for your daily car needs

Dyno Proven

Our performance is proven, not a promise. Because ORdexhaust products have gone through the DYNO TEST test, and it is proven that our power WIN 11 HP VS international products.


Evidence of Racing Cars using ORExhaust

Look here, hundreds of tangible proofs of our product "Solutions for Champions"! Even used by the SAE JAPAN Formula Team! Let's see the video facts about ORExhaust.


Are you a true automotive lover?

"You know? 45% of people fail when it comes to car modifications. It's a shame if your proud car is flat, wasteful of gas & noise. It's not relaxing.

Let's start with the sure way! Use the ORExhaust exhaust, a crazy solution for cars! LOCAL Prices, International Premium quality. and of course 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Nice huh??? You can see product photos & ORExhaust exhaust information and other product details at the link below.

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Do you want your car to not be decomposing, not wasteful, really fuel efficient?

Do you want the sound of your car exhaust to be round & solid and free to choose your class?

Want a silent cool? make a date too!

Want your daily car to feel racing? powerful, fill and hold solid torque, power up 28%?

Want to save 2.3 million Rupiah a month, save fuel 17%?

Want Solutions & 100% Moneyback guarantee?

Come on! FREE Consul, discussion of your car exhaust. We serve every day, except the Day of Judgment! Or just want to talk about the exhaust problem? Come on consul now!

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What do those who have used ORExhaust say?

Come on... Check out this Santuy Fact, Guys, what do those who have used ORExhaust say? From the Age of Blackberry to Whatsapp.


Now you know our products and quality.

"Not only for racers, bro, but our Exhaust Systems are perfect for you DAILY car drivers

For FREE Diagnostic Guide and discussion of your car's Exhaust problems and solutions. Click the button below yes! discussion with ORExhaust via WhatsApp.

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For those of you who didn't buy it, relax guys

You can learn about Exhaust and Discussion here with us! FREE until the end! Click the Exhaust/Exhaust Guide and tips in some of the links below. So that you don't get fooled by fake workshops that are just trading!


Youtube Channel

Follow educational videos on our youtube channel.



Read ORExhaust news and articles related to exhaust.



Get exhaust modification tips and tricks.



Join and learn about exhaust with us.


Thank you for the DISCUSSION or visiting MY BOSS! Waiting for the best story to drive you with the Race Proven Exhaust System ORExhaust.

Racing Sense Daily Car. Power Skyrocketing BBM IRIT See you on the next purchase!


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